Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Gold Flex Animal Care Therapy?

Gold Flex Therapy has proven to offer immediate (within days) and long lasting relief (years) for chronic pain in weight-bearing joints. The level of response to the Gold Flex treatment depends on the amount of inflammation present. The immune system interacting with the gold microbeads produces a time release, measured, response to inflammation within the affected joint.


How how long does it last?

Relief from the pain starts within days and lasts for years.


What are the risks or adverse effects?

To date, we have not seen any adverse effects.


Which joints can be treated?

The Gold Flex Animal Care Therapy is offered for weight bearing joints on the advice of the veterinarian.


Can more than one joint be treated?

Yes, in a single visit as determined by your veterinarian.


Where can my pet be treated?

Galveston Veterinary Clinic, 2108 61st St., Galveston, Texas administers the Gold Flex Animal Care Treatment by appointment.


Is it covered by pet insurance?

Gold Flex Animal Care Therapy is not covered by pet insurance. However, you may want to discuss other payment options with the Galveston Veterinary Clinic.

Treatment Qualification and Enrollment

To determine if your dog or horse qualifies, please schedule an interview for an
examination and medical history evaluation. Prior to treatment, it may be necessary for X-rays to be taken to determine the location and amount of damage within the joint. It will then be determined if your animal is likely to benefit from the Gold Flex Animal Care Therapy. You will be asked to participate in follow up interviews to determine the success of the treatment.